Saturday, May 24, 2008

At a loss....

As with almost the rest of the world I pulled up sticks and moved on over to Facebook which isn't unusual but it is a little sad. As fun as it is Facebooking-stalking, recruiting zombies and poking people, the opportunities for self expression on those white and blue pages are limited.

I am more than my Facebook status.....

Having a look back at my last post it seems the stopping point for my blogging was significant. September 2007 proved to be a the start of a tumultous six months. Lately I thought things had calmed down a bit and I had slowly adjusted to the major changes. Of course that isn't to be. My family life is proving to be consistantly up and down these days. I'm starting to think that you really can't have everything....

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Clowns rule ok!

This is awesome and managed to bring a big smile to my face this afternoon. I know a lot of people delight in American bashing (and some of those tourists can be annoying) but this goes to show sometimes they are better than we give them credit for....

PS. The concept of this is also awesome but sad to say it looks like it ain't happening just yet. That might be a good thing as my head may splode with excitement if it were true.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Flight of the Thin White Duke

I was a bit slow on the Flight of The Conchords bandwagon but I was converted after I saw the first episode of their HBO TV show. They are very very funny guys and the David Bowie clip from the lastest episode of the show just cements my new found love. Now I am very easily swayed when it comes to Bowie but Jemaine Conchord's David Bowie impression is eerily good. The sooner they play it on Prime, the better.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Cue the tumbleweeds…..

I realise it has been a very very long time since I last updated this blog.

I suppose I have been rather, er, distracted since March, with the arrival new guy on the scene and all. Although now it is four months down the track, so I suppose that excuse doesn’t really wash.

I guess I just haven’t been inspired to commit anything to paper or rather blog for a long while. It’s not like there hasn’t been much to write about. I have been busy with work, going out, concerts, rugby matches and the odd trip away. (Yes that’s right I said rugby. Blame the boy. My once committed distaste for the sport has been slowly worn away)

Plus there’s the imminent end of the world. What with biblical floods in Kiwiland and now in the UK, the killer heatwaves striking Europe and of course the plagues of locusts and drug/alcohol fuelled celebrities currently infesting the media and threatening our children, it must be coming any day now.

I guess I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing down my thoughts and silly randomness which is a bit of a shame. Consider this my attempt at getting back in the habit. I can’t make any promises but I’m going to try and keep it up.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cock(tail)s and Frocks

I'm looking at the photos from the Vanity Fair Post Oscar bash and it's highly amusing. You think the celebrity world is all glitz, glamour and a million miles away from real life but really it's too not far off your work Christmas party.

Ok perhaps most people are much better looking and super rich but still. Everyone starts off the night looking fabulous and as the night wears on and drinks are consumed, people start going down hill. Madonna starts drinking to forget the pain as her husband is giving the pretty young starlets the glad eye while Sacha Baron Cohen and his fiance are cornered by the big boss. Poor wee James McAvoy has no idea what's going on. He's just trying to avoid the crazy plastic man in the corner.

And like any decent gal out on the piss and celebrating, Dame Helen is just damn hungry and of course someone has to start the drunken dancing.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


You know that Razorlight have reached the point of saturation/naffness when their lastest single is played on Classic Hits radio. Which begs the question, is Johnny Borrell the new James Blunt?